All GESB superannuation funds are specialised products, and as such, it pays to seek specialised advice. Not all Financial Advisers are familiar with the different benefits and features that the GESB products have.  Some of the points of difference with GESB vs retail/industry super funds include:

  • Taxation: GESB contributions, earnings and withdrawals are handled differently for tax purposes compared with traditional super funds
  • Contribution Limits/Caps: Rather than have an annual limit, GESB funds have different contribution limits when compared with ordinary superannuation funds
  • Defined Benefits: Gold State superannuation is based on your ‘final average salary’ and service multiple.
  • Pre-83 component: Those who commenced their employment with the WA state government prior to 1983 can look to take advantage of substantial tax savings.
  • Occupation specific benefits: Some occupations have extra opportunities to contribute and maximise their superannuation balance.

More information can be located on our GESB FAQ.

Over the past 50 years we have helped hundreds of West Australia’s use the special benefits awarded to the GESB Superannuation scheme to their advantage.